Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anatomy of the Egyptian Revolution

While I have a clear passion for quilling and anatomy, I also have a passion for revolution. Inspired by the Egyptian revolution I have created this poster in my beloved Adobe Illustrator.
It is an illustration of Mubarak. His face is shaded in with the chants of the protesters. I made the Arabic font red to represent all of the emotion’s (shame, anger, ect.) connected with a red face. In the background I have used headlines about the protests from the west.

I would like to thank Democracy Now for providing the majority of the text I used in this piece, Goggle Translate for translating the Arabic text (I thought it only appropriate to set the text in the protesters native language), and the Egyptian people because your strength and perseverance has inspired the world.

If you would like a free PDF of this please email me at and I will send you one!

I am going to start on a map of the Jasmine Revolution as a whole soon. Is there any information that you would like to see on this map?

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